Test Piece Monitoring Program

Textile Care Quality Assurance

Laundry customers are often unaware of the magnitude and complexity of the wash process. And misconceptions about the process can lead to concerns based on assumptions. The customer’s objective is that the textiles delivered to them are properly processed and appropriate for use. ALM has developed a number of resources to communicate clearly the quality of services that are provided. Order form

Test-Piece Monitoring Program

Policies are developed to ensure that appropriate practice guidance is followed when processing textiles. But laundry processing is a collaborative effort between man and machine; what designs are in place to identify when glitches occur? What are the measures for quality products? A test-piece monitoring program provides a continual monitoring process, validated by an independent third-party system that can provide assurance of compliance with processes.

Unlike other test-piece programs, ALM utilizes an independent third-party laboratory to assess the process. A treated test-piece textile swatch is processed with the textiles to be evaluated. The textile swatch is evaluated by the laboratory and results provided to the laundry.

An ongoing (i.e. quarterly) assessment of terry products, apparel, sheeting, and/or surgical products provides a thorough ongoing quality assurance program for your customers. This process can confirm continuous quality processing and identify trends and outliers that suggest adjustments may be necessary in advance of customer dissatisfaction. An ongoing test-piece monitoring program can:

  • Validate appropriate product management on textile integrity
  • Provide assurance of compliance with washfloor policies & procedures
  • Affirm that appropriate water quality monitoring is attained
  • Confirm that equipment is maintained appropriately
  • Corroborate effectiveness of the wash formulas

A yearly subscription for 12 textile swatches allows a facility to analyze their processes for three textile types/products each quarter throughout the year.

The Quality Assurance Test-Piece Process

Once the laundry processor selects the subscription that best meets their needs, all test-piece swatches for the year will be shipped by USPS. Each facility determines their schedule for testing. Key wash parameters should be monitored and recorded for each test-piece swatch processed including at a minimum:

  • Wash formula utilized
  • Water intake quality
  • Equipment utilized (the same equipment should be used for each swatch test)

Recording this information will be essential in problem-solving/resolution if the test-piece results indicate less than adequate outcomes. Changes may then be implemented with results from subsequent testing providing confirmation of appropriate process improvement. Purchase

Pricing Opportunities


Member rate Non-member rate
12 Swatches $420 $588
6 Swatches $210 $294
4 Swatches $140 $196
1 Swatch $ 35 $49






Special Textile Testing Program

This program is utilized on an as-needed basis, typically when a problem occurs with a textile and an independent assessment is needed to identify the source of the problem. To utilize this service please contact the UK Textile Testing Laboratory directly by email: EEaster@uky.edu or phone 859.257.7777.