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If you are a current ALM member and need a solution or have questions about the regulations affecting your facility or business, or simply need sources to support practices and procedures you have in place...ALM will pull together that information FOR you! We are here to ensure our members have everything they need. Contact us today!

Industry Benchmarking

LaundryMarksTM by ALM is a revolutionary benchmarking platform that will advance the entire laundry industry by providing powerful data to improve business performance for single- and multi-location laundries. Enter your data and access our dynamic, customizable reports.

ALM Networks

Find the resources you need to make your business successful, as well as connect with other textile care services professionals online. The full ALM Resource Library, ALM Forums, and the Ask the Experts discussion board are all available under ALM Networks. If you don't find the answer you're looking for there, be the first to ask the question! Participate in the discussion today!


Multiple publications are available to ALM members. From digital to print, best practices to regulations, we have the information you need!

Test Piece Monitoring Program

For a fee, any laundry may order treated textile swatch test pieces to process with textiles in their facility, then send the swatch in to be evaluated. The results are provided back to the laundry in an easy-to-read format, with a separate page detailing common problems and solutions with the wash process.


Laundries operate safely within the general industry regulations of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). As with all federal safety guidance, state regulations may exceed the federal noted here. Generally accepted OSHA regulations impacting laundries include:

ALM members have access to the Compendium of Healthcare Laundry Quality Guidelines, where ALM has compiled all standards, guidelines, and recommended practice applicable for laundry and linen services throughout the United States. (Current members must be signed in to access the Compendium.)


ALM determines current research efforts based on needs within the textile care industry, as well as from member feedback.


ALM press releases and general association news. Available to the public. Links to fresh Magazine and the Vendor Showcase are also available through the News section.

Education & Training

ALM provides multiple opportunities for education and training at all levels of the textile care industry. Whether you learn best with face-to-face, distance, or online learning, ALM has educational resources available for you!


Connect with textile care professionals near you, build your network, and improve your skills through local ALM Chapters. Don't have a chapter near you? Start one!

Vendor Showcase

Highlights the newest products and services from ALM Allied Trades/Vendor members. Allows Textile Care Service Provider and Consumer Members learn about new opportunities to improve their facilities.

Resources by Topic

Know the topic for which you need information, but open to the type of resource? ALM members may view resources by topic and see results from ALM materials, as well as all other resources in ALM Networks! (Current members must be signed in to access the links below.)