Maintaining Your Certification

Congratulations! You've earned an ALM certification (and we know you don't want to have to take the exam again), so be sure to keep your certification up-to-date and your knowledge relevant by earning contact hours.

ALM makes earning contact hours easy. Both RLLD and CLLM certifications require earning 45 contact hours every three years, but the types of contact hours between the two vary. RLLD certification recipients must earn 30 hours of Laundry/Linen related education and 15 hours of General Management, while CLLM certification recipients must earn 25 hours Laundry/Linen and 20 hours General Management.

If you're an ALM member, we track your hours for you as a benefit of membership. Non-members may pay $75 every three years for the contact hour tracking service. Please Contact Us with any questions.


  • Must earn 45 contact hours every 3 years
  • RLLD: 30 hours Laundry/Linen, 15 hours General Management
  • CLLM: 25 hours Laundry/Linen, 20 hours General Management
  • Members: Hours tracked as benefit. Non-members: $75/3 years tracking
  • ALM events: Hours tracked automatically
  • Chapter/other industry events: Report contact hours

How Can I Earn Contact Hours?

ALM offers multiple ways to earn contact hours through ALM trainings and events. With all ALM-hosted opportunities, you do not have to report your hours; they are recorded automatically! For chapter events or other industry events, you must report your hours to ALM for credit. Review Contact Hour Guidelines for more information.


  • Webinars:  ALM holds regular webinars covering a variety of topics. Multiple individuals may view the webinars from a single computer for one registration fee.
  • Contact Hour Quizzes:  You can earn contact hours by reading select published articles from fresh Magazine and other publications, then completing a quiz over the information. 
  • Laundry & Linen College:  ALM's Laundry & Linen College is the premier resource for laundry training and education. Attendees earn multiple contact hours by attending.
  • IMPACT Conference:  Multiple sessions are offered at the IMPACT Conference covering various topics. Attendees are able to earn many hours by attending sessions at the conference.
  • The Clean Show:  Just as the IMPACT Conference offers educational sessions to gain contact hours, so to does The Clean Show. 

Individuals who hold ALM certifications may give back to the textile care professional community by allowing others to learn from their expertise, while earning contact hours for themselves. Presenters and participants at ALM events will be credited their contact hours automatically. If you are presenting for programs not coordinated by ALM, such as client education, in-house education, chapter meetings, etc., please contact ALM for a uniform roster and certificate of participation to submit contact hours for both you and your participants.

ALM Chapters may manage the contact hour process differently. Credit is awarded by either presenting each attendee with a certificate or collecting attendance information on a roster. Please ask the chapter representative which method they use to learn if you must submit your proof of participation directly to ALM.

Many educational programs issue a certificate of attendance, including the program title, date, and duration of the session. Individuals holding an ALM certification may submit copies of the certificate by email or fax to the ALM office. If you attended a program that did not issue a certificate, please see the Proof of Participation section below.

Reporting Contact Hours

For non-ALM contact hour sources, please submit proof of participation to Acceptable proof of attendance includes:

  • A certificate that includes the participant name, name of the educational program, program date, length of program, and an authorized signature. 
  • If a certificate of participation is not provided, the ALM Contact Hour Tracking Sheet may be substituted.