Maintaining Your Certification

ALM certifications renew every three years. To be eligible for renewal, you  must participate in continuing education. Non-members can pay a tracking fee of $75 every three years to maintain their certification. Continuing education requirements for ALM certifications are below. 

Contact Hour Verification

Contact hours are tracked for ALM members as a benefit of membership and you can check your contact hour balance at any time.  Contact hour tracking is updated monthly; verify the last date updated at the bottom of each page.

Certificants with last name beginning with A through D
Certificants with last name beginning with E through H
Certificants with last name beginning with I through M
Certificants with last name beginning with N through Z


Certified Laundry and Linen Manager (CLLM) certified members must earn at least 45 contact hours in each renewal cycle.

  • 25 hours laundry and linen industry specific education
  • 20 hours general management courses


Registered Laundry and Linen Director (RLLD) certified members must earn at least 45 contact hours in each renewal cycle.

  • 30 hours laundry and linen industry specific education
  • 15 hours general management courses

Ways to Earn Contact Hours

Proof of Participation

Contact hours are awarded for any educational program that is either laundry and linen management specific or any general management topic that is applicable to the laundry and linen industry.  If you participate in ALM sponsored education, your contact hours will be recorded automatically.  However, if you participate in educational programming offered elsewhere, you will need to submit acceptable proof of attendance to ALM.

For non-ALM sources, please submit proof of participation certificates for education received to Acceptable proof of attendance includes:

  • A certificate that includes the participant name, name of the educational program, program date, length of program, and an authorized signature. 
  • If a certificate of participation is not provided, the ALM contact hour tracking sheet may be substituted.

Credit will be awarded for the programs listed below as indicated. 

ALM members who hold an ALM certification and attend the ALM Conference, Laundry & Linen College or live Webinar program are automatically credited with the appropriate continuing education credit as a benefit of membership.

ALM Chapters manage this process differently. When attending a chapter meeting, continuing education credit is awarded for the educational component by either awarding each attendee with a certificate or collecting attendance information on a roster. Ask the chapter representative if they will be submitting these to the national office for you or if that is a process handled by each individual.

Many programs issue a certificate of attendance complete with program title, date and duration. ALM members holding a certification may submit copies of the certificate by email or fax to the national headquarters. For those programs where certificates are not issued simply complete the pertinent information on the continuing education tracking sheet and submit to the national headquarters.

Individuals who hold ALM certifications earn contact hours for presenting educational programs as well as reward the participants with contact hours. When presenting for programs not coordinated by ALM (client education, in-house education, chapter meetings, etc.), contact ALM for a uniform roster and certificate of participation to submit to ALM so your participant's contact hours will be recorded.