Laundry Assessment Checklist

ALM provides a complimentary Laundry Assessment Checklist for use when assessing contracted laundry services. This checklist addresses the key concerns of infection prevention, quality assurance and safety.

A visit to the laundry facility allows hospital representative(s)* to confirm appropriate policies are in place and validate through direct observation that practice is followed. At the end of the checklist, you’ll find a section where you can take notes and conclude your assessment by asking suggested questions and providing feedback. State autonomy and individual hospital practice may provide for variances in practice and regulation, so there may be areas that will need to be discussed.

ALM’s aim is that this publication will be used to facilitate communication between laundry management and their hospital partners so together we can assure that quality textile care services are provided for optimum patient outcomes.

Additional details on laundry processing parameters, testing methods, and applicable state-specific statutes are available for ALM members in the Compendium of Healthcare Laundry Quality Guidelines, under Resources, Publications.

*Typically infection preventionists, environment of care specialists, and/or safety professionals are best suited for this oversight.