ALM Chapters

ALM Affiliated Local Chapters are an optional addition to a national membership, and work in conjunction with ALM to provide outstanding networking, education opportunities, and development resources through chapter meetings, community outreach, conferences, and much more. Chapters supplement national membership by providing access to local/regional distributors, focus on local and state advocacy issues, and provide educational opportunities for supervisory and team leaders unable to travel to national meetings and events. ALM Local Chapters may request to have chapter events listed on the ALM Calendar of Events.

Start a Chapter

A group of five or more national ALM members within a geographic area may apply for affiliation with ALM. Contact us if you interested in this option for assistance with developing bylaws and the steps necessary to legally establish an affiliated organization.

Additional Chapter Benefits

  • Face-to-face, local networking with industry peers. Connect with professionals to share your expertise, find solutions and enhance your career. And keep abreast of what’s taking place in the industry.
  • Education you can use in real time. Take advantage of in-person education and training near your home. And advance your career through educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge.
  • Career connections. Connect and create opportunities that could assist in providing career opportunities, job openings and future connections in both your personal and professional career.
  • Leadership skills development. Take on a volunteer leadership role in a local chapter as a way to assist in developing your skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: May I choose my own chapter?
    A: You may choose which of the chapters to join. The sales territories for Allied Trades sales professionals may cross into multiple chapters - you are not limited to just one. There are membership fees associated with each chapter.
  • Q: Who do I pay chapter dues to?
    A: Chapter dues are paid directly to the appropriate chapter officer.
  • Q: Can chapter members use the association’s logo on marketing material?
    A: We love it when ALM members proudly display the ALM logo on websites and print marketing materials.  Please contact us to obtain a logo for marketing purposes. Please note that membership solely in a affiliated ALM chapter does not equate to membership in ALM.

Chapter Meetings

We can help you gain more attendees at your ALM events! Reach members in your area by sharing your chapter events. “Open houses,” retirement parties, chapter educational meetings, annual educational days, grand openings, or anything else applicable to an ALM member is welcome to be on the ALM calendar! Submit your events through the Contact Us form to be added to the calendar.

Current Chapters

Florida Association for Linen Management
Serves all of Florida
Contact Phil Jones, Chapter President

Georgia Chapter of the Association for Linen Management
Serves Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee
Contact Michael Roe, Chapter President

Intermountain Chapter
Serves Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming
Contact Laura Thurston, Chapter President

Midwest Association for Linen Management
Serves Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada
Contact Christopher Christie, CLLM, Chapter President

Southern Region Chapter of the Association for Linen Management
Serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia
Contact Shane Woodson, RLLD, Chapter President

South West Chapter Association for Linen Management
Serves Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
Contact Shawn Bradley, Chapter President

Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter
Serves Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin
Contact Vicky Vessey, Chapter President