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Poor linen management practices can endanger patients and cost hospitals thousands. Prove your value by operating efficiently while still providing quality services for our veterans. ALM has the knowledge and resources to help.

Provide Quality Assurance

Test Piece Program

Through the ALM Test Piece Program, your wash process is verified by an independent third party, and the results are delivered directly to you, with a guide explaining the results and how to correct any issues! ALM members save when using this paid program.

Online Tools

ALM has an inspection guide checklist for you to use to ensure your provider or your facility is in compliance with regulations. Also, our online Compendium of Healthcare Resources provides federal regulations and requirements, as well as specific guidance for your state!


Textile Care Officers (TCOs) must be in compliance with VHA Directive 1850.03 (PDF), requiring they complete ALM’s CLLM or an equivalent program. ALM provides enhanced training programs that address laundry and textile care services beyond the manager level.

Prevent Infections and Decrease Costs

ALM’s linen management training and educational materials will generate savings, provide quality patient care, and make you the star! ALM members can access the expertise of other ALM members through member forums, gaining a wealth of knowledge about laundry processing and linen management. Members can also seek direct guidance from ALM’s clinical consultant, allowing them to develop policies specific to their institution and addressing any infection prevention concerns.

If your VA facility is an ALM member, YOU are an ALM member! Let us help you serve our veterans! Contact us if you need assistance signing in.