Correctional Facilities

ALM works with a number of correctional institutions to provide education and testing for employees who work in laundry facilities and also provides education to inmates through their inmate employability programs.

Also, ALM supports some correctional facilities which operate as essentially a commercial laundry, taking in laundry from local healthcare and/or hospitality providers.

More correctional facility information is available exclusively to ALM members on ALM Networks.

The correctional environment creates a unique set of issues for the persons processing textiles for an incarcerated population. While it does not pose issues for the linen, it does affect the people in the laundry facility. The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) cite two key concepts in correctional settings:

  1. A high-risk for individuals at greater risk of tuberculosis, bloodborne pathogens, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Correctional facilities’ employees have a high risk of communicable disease exposure due to overcrowding, old facilities, and a high-risk population.