Benefits of Membership

As the leading educational association in the industry, ALM membership will enhance your knowledge and provide a network of the industry’s best textile care professionals who have knowledge and practical experience they are willing to share.

Benefits of Membership

For All Membership Types

  • Access to the ALM Forums to get answers and share ideas with professionals from across the industry and the world.
  • View Fact Sheets, articles, and printable forms exclusive to ALM members from staff and subject matter experts.
  • Access to ALM’s Member Directory – search for products, services, and other processing/management professionals.
  • Access to LaundryMarksTM by ALM, the revolutionary benchmarking tool for the textile care industry.
  • Ask the IP – Member-only access to Certified Infection Preventionists’ responding to your specific questions on textile processing and linen management.
  • Program discounts

For Textile Care Service Providers

  • Receive discounted rates for ALM's Test Piece Monitoring Program, proving to customers the quality of wash processes.
  • Demonstrate company dedication to quality, service, and professionalism.
  • Access valuable resources, education, and tools to aid in ongoing successful operations.
  • Provide employees with opportunities to enhance skill sets and perform at a higher level, resulting in higher job satisfaction, allegiance to company goals, and improved productivity.

For Allied Trades/Vendors

  • Listed in ALM's Vendor Directory and annual Buyers Guide
  • Have new products and services highlighted in the ALM Vendor Showcase.
  • Have access to 1,100+ professionals from nearly 500 laundries.
  • Build relationships by participating in task force, chapters, and events.
  • Develop vendor-to-vendor relationships that result in new customer referrals.
  • Grow in industry knowledge and set themselves apart from others who just “sell.”
  • Establish themselves as industry experts through speaking, writing articles, giving interviews for articles, and responding to forum posts.
  • Market and brand themselves through advertising, sponsorships, buyer’s guide listings and direct marketing to the member list.

For Textile Care Consumers

  • Understand contract terms from vendors to improve selection and management of outside services.
  • Improve revenue through better contract negotiations.
  • Increase patient/guest satisfaction and care.