LaundryMarks by ALM

LaundryMarksTM by ALM is a revolutionary benchmarking platform that will advance the laundry industry. Through industry comparisons in hospitality, healthcare, and industrial facilities, the LaundryMarksTM platform will drive business performance for both single- and multi-location laundries. LaundryMarksTM offers dynamic, customizable, real-time data and information to provide laundry operators, management, vendors, and other stakeholders with actionable, updated near-real-time business intelligence. LaundryMarksTM will advance business performance across the entire laundry industry.

Enroll & Manage Access
New users must apply for access to LaundryMarksTM. Approved facilities may update their allowed users at any time.

Access Platform
You must sign into ALM's website at the top of the screen before accessing LaundryMarksTM.
If you need assistance, please contact us.

Upgrade Options
Are you looking for more LaundryMarksTM features?
Find out what options are available for your business!

What data is collected?

Data collected will be for a fiscal year, and the first year collected beginning on August 1, 2019, will be for fiscal year 2018. Data collection for fiscal year 2019 will open soon. You may review the Survey Questions Workbook for more information.

Who Can Enter LaundryMarksTM Information?

Any laundry can register and enter their plant's information. Facilities are not required to hold an ALM membership to enter data and access basic benchmarking reports.

Who Can Access LaundryMarksTM Information?

Laundries (ALM members and non-members) that have entered the minimum required data will be able to access LaundryMarksTM data reports as compared to their plant.

Security of LaundryMarksTM Information

ALM is committed to keeping your information safe and anonymous. LaundryMarksTM data is encrypted and stored on a secure server. Reports are published in aggregate and laundries are never identifiable. In addition, facilities can designate who in their company is authorized to input or review data.

Access Levels

Full Access

ALM Facility memberships, that have entered the minimum required data, may access all generated reports comparing their plant to other operations, with the option to filter the data to achieve like-comparisons.

Limited/Basic Access

Laundries that have entered the minimum required data, that are not current members of ALM or whose ALM membership is individual-based (i.e., Individual or Corporate memberships), may access limited filters and reports.

Results-Only Access

ALM members who provide linen distribution services only, vendor members, Consumer and Honorary members will be provided general industry reports.

What to Expect

  • A responsible party with the laundry registers to participate in LaundryMarksTM, and indicates individuals designated to enter and view data. ALM will confirm registration within one business day, including their access level.
  • Once the minimum data requirements are entered, the reporting features based on access level will be available to the designated individuals.
  • For other specific questions, please contact us.

Examples of LaundryMarksTM Reports

Custom reports can be filtered by location, pounds processed, product line, level of automation, and over 15 other user-customizable factors. Previous printed benchmarking tools are no longer available, and this new platform is enhanced benchmarking, designed for the digital age.

  • Operational Services Report – operational KPIs per pound & key expense allocations
  • Workforce Efficiencies – Pounds per operator hour, levels of automation utilized, employee turnover, specialty workforce employed and labor KPIs
  • Safety Report Card – comparing DART rate by NAICS, Safety regulatory visits and safety mechanisms utilized.
  • Quality measures – including rewash, return/reject, ragout and reclaim percentages, fill rates and clean-to-soil variance.
  • Environmental Resource Management – Utility consumption & mechanical room performance.
  • Textile Inventory Management – reporting textile types processed, textile ownership, acquisition cost per pound, and linen replacement costs
  • Transportation Measures report – compares fleet management, service area radius and transportation cost

Additional questions? Check our the LaundryMarksTM FAQs.