TCSP Membership

Textile Care Service Providers (TCSP) are companies/organizations or individuals who process and/or distribute textiles. This includes laundry processing and linen management personnel in central, commercial, cooperative, and on-premise operations for correctional facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, or long-term care.

ALM has five TCSP membership types:

  • Facility/Plant $240/year - Benefits to all Textile Care Service Providers personnel who work at one location, involved in providing textile care services (processing, distribution and/or collection). This includes for-profit and non-profit enterprises.
  • Enterprise - Benefits to more than 3 facilities, owned by a single company. For 3-7 facilities, the rate is $192 per facility per year; for 8-13 facilities, the rate is $180 per facility per year; and for 14 or more facilities, the rate is $168 per facility per year.
  • Corporate $305/year - Benefits to five (5) individuals typically working for the same employer at varied locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, where the employer is engaged under contract or formal arrangement to process, distribute and/or collect textiles.
  • Individual $165/year - This membership is for an individual employee in textile processing, distribution, or linen collection. The benefits of members apply solely to the individual identified.
  • Retired/Transitional Membership $35/year - Professionals (processors, distribution, and vendor/sales) in transition between jobs or retired from the industry.

A Textile Care Service Providers printable application is also available.