Relax...ALM's Got This

To address the changes in the textile care industry, ALM helps members, builds tools for the entire industry, and shares information. Below are some of the ways we know "ALM's got this!":

Challenge: Leadership is attempting to meet today’s issues and see the future in an evolving industry.

Solution: ALM’s IMPACT Conference keynotes address the “big picture” while breakout sessions and networking opportunities help to resolve the “now” issues. The 2020 IMPACT Conference will be March 23-25, 2020, at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Challenge: We struggle to find seasoned upper management professionals to replace retiring managers who have a wealth of laundry experience.

Solution: ALM’s Laundry & Linen College can develop your new management into skilled, informed, and accomplished laundry professionals. There are two sessions each year; the spring session focuses on Textile Care Services, while the fall session is on Laundry Processing and Operations.

Challenge: Our supervisors know their role, but are unable to grasp how they and their team’s decisions impact the final product outcome.

Solution: ALM’s Certified Laundry & Linen Manager (CLLM) Certification (now available online or as a self-study workbook) will help supervisors connect the dots between their decisions and desired outcomes.

Challenge: I just hired a new textile sales manager from outside the industry. I don’t have time to send them to live training. I need training they can complete while on the road visiting customers.

Solution: ALM’s TRAIN covers topics for the Textile Industry, with Responsive learning At your fingertips, using Innovative methods and the Newest technology. Online, industry-specific courses in infection control, laundry chemistry, equipment, production, and textiles are available now!

Challenge: Our customer contract requires ongoing training for front-line personnel in the laundry.

Solution: ALM’s Certified Washroom Technician (CWT) training is designed to provide front-line personnel with training that will not only satisfy your contractual requirements, but if applied, can improve operations!

Challenge: Our laundry customer insists that their hospital’s regulations require measures that we’ve never heard of!

Solution: ALM’s Compendium of Healthcare Laundry Quality Guidelines is a collection of U.S. standards, guidelines, and recommended practices representing a vast array of information gathered for ease of reference and use, free to ALM members. Show your customers the Compendium, so they may discover exactly what is required for textile care services in your state.

Challenge: I took a video of my team loading hotel pillow cases on the ironer. Is there someone who can look at it and tell me why our production numbers are so low?

Solution: The ALM Networks Forums allow questions to be asked and answered of other industry professionals. If ALM members have videos of issues, they can be uploaded to allow processors, textile manufacturers, and ironer equipment providers to respond with helpful tips!

Challenge: I’d love to meet up with other hotel laundry supervisors to share struggles and solutions.

Solution: ALM’s state and regional chapters typically meet quarterly throughout the year and are often only a driving distance away, presenting great opportunities to network with other textile care service professionals and vendors serving your area!

Challenge: I’m in the market for a new supplier. Where do I start?

Solution: ALM’s Vendor Showcase highlights the newest products and services from ALM Allied Trades/Vendor members, and any of ALM’s Vendor members may be found through ALM’s Vendor Search, where you can search by service, product type, location, and more!