ALM has multiple publications available for both the public and members only, in both print and digital forms. Review the list below for materials that may help you.


As a membership benefit, ALM members can earn contact hours by reading articles previously published in fresh Magazine, then taking a quiz. To earn contact hour credit, click on the link of the article, read it, then after completion, select the corresponding quiz. Members must sign in to access the quizzes.

Fact Sheets

ALM Fact Sheets assemble the information from a variety of reliable, evidence-based resources on a frequently asked question or issue. These sheets are not opinions but a summary of citable references on the topic at hand. Fact sheets are a benefit of membership in ALM, and are available to ALM members only. Members must be signed in to view ALM Fact Sheets.

fresh Magazine

fresh Magazine is ALM's quarterly magazine bringing the laundry care industry educational content and innovative concepts to challenge readers to advance practice and exceed their customers’ expectations. An ALM membership is not required to subscribe to fresh Magazine.

Healthcare Guidelines

ALM members have access to the Compendium of Healthcare Laundry Quality Guidelines, where ALM has compiled all standards, guidelines, and recommended practice applicable for laundry and linen services throughout the United States. (Current members must be signed in to access the Compendium.)

Laundry Assessment Checklist

ALM provides a complimentary Laundry Assessment Checklist for use when assessing contracted laundry services. This checklist addresses the key concerns of infection prevention, quality assurance and safety.

Laundry Infection Prevention and Control Guide

The Laundry Infection Prevention Control Guide utilizes evidence-based practices and infection prevention measures that may be adapted for many environments. ALM’s Clinical Advisor, Dr. Fontaine Sands, has applied her expertise in infection prevention to guide the development of effective policies for textiles for laundry processing and linen management professionals.

Laundry Operations Guidelines

ALM's Laundry Operations Guidelines is a members-only publication and an excellent guide for someone weighing the options of starting a laundry to those assessing the efficiency of a current operation. The material addresses:

  • Nuances to the market served
  • Hours of operation
  • Equipment/tracking systems/ dispensing systems
  • Considerations for space requirements & utility consumption
  • Staffing
  • Textile Requirements
  • Determining cost guidelines

Laundry Productivity Manual

This forty page publication addresses the human factor in productivity concerns. What can reasonably be accomplished by analyzing the tasks, breaking down the flow of products, developing standards in light of quality and objectives, and how does management hire and train personnel equipped to achieve those goals?

Vital Threads

Each month, ALM publishes an online textile services digest of industry news, member benefits, services, and highlights of educational programs for ALM members only.