Benefits of Membership

Join ALM today and become part of the premier educational association for textile management. As the leading educational association in the industry, ALM membership will enhance your knowledge and provide a network of the industry’s best textile care professionals who have knowledge and practical experience they are willing to share.

There are many reasons to join ALM. First, when you join, you take your place in a global community that is recognized for their strong education and certification programs, as well as training programs and resources. Secondly, the minute you join, you become part of an association that is making dynamic changes that are transforming the textile care services industry, and willing to offer you the tools associated with advancing your career and enriching your knowledge, with life-long resources both personally and professionally. 

An ALM membership provides:

  • Education – On demand, when you need it!
  • Certification/Certificate Programs
  • Industry publications – Including ALM's fresh magazine and Vital Threads newsletter
  • Allied Trades member listings in fresh magazine
  • Fact Sheets – Dedicated to industry frequently-asked-questions
  • Position Papers – Official statements from ALM leadership on industry emerging topics
  • At-your-fingers resources – ALM leadership provides research into practice and requirements for textile care processing and management
  • Program discounts
  • ALMnetworks – Networking with results via online member-only questions and responses
  • Featured member releases on your company’s achievements and advancements 
  • Access to members through ALM’s Member Directory – search for products, services, and other processing/management professionals
  • Ask the IP – Member-only access to Certified Infection Preventionists’ responding to your specific questions on textile processing and linen management.
  • Advance your leadership potential by participating on ALM’s advisory committees, task force, and board 
  • Test Piece Service Testing Program