Select Your Membership

ALM membership is separated into three main types:

  • Textile Care Service Providers-Laundry processors and linen management
  • Allied Trades/Vendors-Companies and individuals who sell to providers
  • Textile Care Consumers-Companies or individuals who contract with providers for their services

Please select the type below that best describes your operation. If you have any questions, please contact us. ALM reserves the right to adjust member types, as necessary. ALM also has a 30-day free trial membership available for individuals who have not previously held a membership. 

Applies to companies/organizations who process and/or distribute textiles. Includes laundry processing and linen management personnel in central, commercial, cooperative, and on-premise operations for correctional facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, or long-term care.

Benefits are extended to all Textile Care Service Providers personnel involved in providing textile care services (processing, distribution and/or collection) who work at one location at no additional cost. This includes for-profit and non-profit enterprises

Provides benefits of membership to companies engaged under contract or formal arrangement to process, distribute and/or collect textiles. Membership is extended to five (5) individuals typically working for the same employer in varied locations throughout the US and abroad.

This membership is for an individual employee in textile processing, distribution or linen collection. The benefits of members apply solely to the individual identified.

Professionals (processors, distribution and vendor/sales) in transition between jobs or retired from the industry.

A Textile Care Service Providers printable application is also available.


Applies to businesses that provide products, equipment, and/or services to Textile Care Service Providers. This includes laundry equipment/supply companies, consultants, and distributors.

Manufacture and/or sell products throughout the U.S. and abroad. Benefits of membership is extended to both management and sales professionals.

Provides all employees, both management and sales professionals, of the distributorship, access to benefits of membership. Regional distributors provide services in fewer than eight states.

For individuals employed by a vendor company for the purpose of education, networking and access to industry resources. Benefits of membership (including sales and marketing) do not extend to the company.

An Allied Trades/Vendors printable application is also available.


Applies to individuals who are responsible for contracts or services provided by a Textile Care Service Provider. These individuals do not fit into any other category and do not directly provide textile care services, but frequently seek information about the industry in the performance of their duties.

CONSUMER $50/year
Individual membership is typically for hotel general managers, hospital infection preventionist, and environmental services professionals responsible for oversight of the contracted laundry service provider.

A Consumer printable application is also available.