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Why Join ALM?

ALM is the best 'laundry education source' that serves the laundry industry.

Charles Berge, President/General Manager, Shared Hospital Services

By becoming a member of ALM, you gain access to the best resources for the textile care industry. Our members operate both for-profit and non-profit structured companies; they work in on-premise healthcare and hotel facilities, central laundry operations, cooperative laundry systems, and stand-alone commercial laundry facilities; and they process and/or manage textiles in a variety of markets, including acute care, long-term care, assisted living, hotels, food & beverage, education, and correctional facilities.

No other organization provides resources for every work level and responsibility, both individuals and companies, from front-line workers to GMs/executive directors. Become part of the ALM network and let us help you succeed!

Membership Types

Please select the membership type below that best describes your operation. If you have any questions, please contact us. ALM reserves the right to adjust member types, as necessary. ALM also has a 30-day free trial membership available for individuals who have not previously held a membership.

About VA Members

Many U.S. Veteran Administration (VA) facilities are ALM members as part of an agreement with the federal VA. If you are unsure whether your VA facility is a member, please contact us.

Textile Care Service Providers

Companies/organizations who process and/or distribute textiles, including laundry processing and linen management personnel in central, commercial, cooperative, and on-premise operations for correctional facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, or long-term care. Click on the member type below to start your membership application.

Allied Trades/Vendors

Businesses that provide products, equipment, and/or services to Textile Care Service Providers. This includes laundry equipment/supply companies, consultants, and distributors. Click on the member type below to start your membership application.

Textile Care Consumers

Individuals who are responsible for contracts or services provided by a Textile Care Service Provider. These individuals do not fit into any other category and do not directly provide textile care services, but frequently seek information about the industry in the performance of their duties. One Consumer membership type is available, and applicants of this type must be approved.