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Resources for Vendor Members

Businesses that proved products, equipment, and/or services to Textile Care Service Providers. This could include laundry equipment/supply companies, consultants, and distributors.

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Every ALM member has access to ALM Networks! ALM forums, Ask the Experts, local chapter listings, the member directory, and volunteer information is all available to signed-in members, under Members >> ALM Networks at the top of every ALM page.

Fact Sheets

Topical subjects citing applicable resources.

Healthcare Resources

Members-only area. National and state standards, guidelines, and recommended practice.

Vendor Showcase

View recent news from ALM vendors!

Resource Library

A list of resources sorted by topic, then listed alphabetically. Must be signed in to access.


A list of ALM webinars, which are an easy way to earn contact hours and maintain certifications.

fresh Magazine

ALM's quarterly magazine bringing the laundry care industry educational content and innovative concepts.

Vital Threads

Members-only area. ALM's monthly online textile services digest of industry news, member benefits, services, and highlights of educational programs.

Member Directory

Members-only area. Find any ALM member by name, company, or location.