How to Prepare for LaundryMarks

Step 1: Gather your data. The LaundryMarksTM Survey Questions Workbook provides all of the fields you need to complete as you go through the platform, and the User Guide has additional information to assist in familiarizing yourself with the platform.

Step 2: Identify staff to help. Depending on the size of your organization, the data you need may reside in multiple departments. For example, human resources, finance, and operations will all need to play a role. If that’s the case, you can send a sheet from the LaundryMarksTM Survey Questions Workbook to the relevant staff members.

Step 3: Read the FAQs. We’re constantly updating our frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Step 4: Listen to the benchmarking podcast to learn how to use LaundryMarksTM to improve your business performance.

A bit of preparation will make entering your information an easy process and, once you’re done, you’ll be on your way to improved business performance!

Transparency and Privacy

LaundryMarksTM is designed to improve business performance for the entire industry. The platform will only become more robust with your participation and the data you provide. The data entry fields are clearly labeled so you’ll understand the output more easily and be able to take action.

ALM is committed to keeping information safe and anonymous. LaundryMarksTM data is encrypted and stored on a secure server, and can only be accessed by an authorized, independent third party that ALM has engaged to manage the platform. ALM staff do not have access to data.