Individual/Personal Accounts

Personal accounts exist for EVERY member of ALM, regardless of membership type. This allows for tracking of contact hours for every member and the maintenance of those records, even if a person leaves one company to go elsewhere. Some members may hold both a personal and a company account, if they are the primary contact for their company's group membership. If you do not know your user name to access your personal account, please contact us. If you have simply forgotten your password, you may easily reset it.

Types of Individual Memberships

If your company or facility is not a member of ALM, but you would like to be (good choice!), we have an individual membership type for you!

  • Individual $165/year - This membership is for an individual employee in textile processing, distribution, or linen collection. The benefits of members apply solely to the individual identified.
  • Retired/Transitional $35/year - Professionals (processors, distribution and vendor/sales) in transition between jobs or retired from the industry.
  • Individual Associate $165/year - For individuals employed by a vendor company for the purpose of education, networking, and access to industry resources. Benefits of membership (including sales and marketing) do not extend to the company.
  • Consumer $50/year - Individual membership is typically for hotel general managers, hospital infection preventionist, and environmental services professionals responsible for oversight of the contracted laundry service provider. Applicants of this type must be approved.