Forum FAQs

ALM Forums provide members opportunities to ask questions and engage with fellow members, who can share their experiences and suggestions for solutions. Please view the FAQs below. Don't see the question you are looking for? Let us know!

Members post questions, concerns, or issues on the forums. When someone posts a new message to the forum, an email notice is sent to everyone who has subscribed to the forum. Members are encouraged to post responses, options, or other resources that may help to provide a solution or direction to the member posting the question.

When a question and/or response is posted, the system will send you an email. Whether or not you reply/respond to a forum post is up to you.

You have a choice of how frequently you are notified of forum activity; you can receive a notification for each post, or a digest at the end of each day.

  • Log in to the ALM website. You will be directed to your personalized profile page.
  • Select the option Forums from the shaded box on the right to be directed to the Forums page.
  • Select Subscribe to Forums 
  • Select Forum Actions from the drop-down box 

You can subscribe to a single "topic" within one of the forums, rather than the whole forum. However, please realize that selecting this option will not notify you of new topics posted, you will only receive notices when someone posts a response to that one topic.

Navigate to the Forum page, select the "new topic" button and follow the prompts to post your question. As a subscriber to the forum you will receive an email when someone has posted a response to your question(s).

Your experience is valuable! Sharing your experiences makes each member more aware and stronger. To post a response to someone's topic within a forum, click on the topic title that you would like to respond to. A second window opens, scroll to the bottom of the page and post your response.

Previous topics and the member's responses remain on the forum page allowing you to search back through the topics and their posts to locate the content.