Education and Training

ALM provides multiple opportunities for education and training at all levels of the textile care industry. Anywhere from single certificates for linen or washroom technicians, to certification for middle management or even top-level managers, we have the means to improve your skills. Publications, webinars, articles, and more are all available to all ALM members.

Courses of Study

The Certified Linen Technician (CLT) is a program for individuals responsible for linen distribution in a healthcare facility. Must be completed within three months. No continuing education needed to maintain.

The Certified Washroom Technician (CWT) is a program for front-line laundry employees. Must be completed within three months. No continuing education needed to maintain.

The Certified Laundry and Linen Manager (CLLM) Certification is an ideal introductory program to laundry processing and linen distribution. Viewed as a comprehensive overview for middle management (e.g., supervisors, laundry operations team managers, sales professionals without industry experience, and customer service managers) of the issues impacting laundry operations. The program is recognized in the industry as the minimal educational requirement for many government contracts.

CLLM Review sessions are available for anyone who prefers face-to-face instruction rather than self-study. It is also an opportunity to earn certification in just 3 days, if you choose to take the test during the CLLM Review, rather than spending months studying on your own.

The Laundry & Linen College (LLC) is an in-person training covering laundry processing and linen distribution and utilization for individuals in the U.S. and abroad. Classes are one-week sessions offered twice a year in Richmond, Kentucky. The LLC is a good first step for further certification.

The Registered Laundry and Linen Director (RLLD) Certification Exam measures a level of competency, industry training, and recognition of those with experience in middle management of a laundry with an aptitude for higher levels of responsibility. Organizations, such as the Veteran's Administration, require facility management to hold an industry certification, such as the RLLD.

Educational Resources

ALM offers both live webinars and recorded webinars, that allow multiple people in a single location to learn skills and earn contact hours to maintain their CLLM or RLLD.

ALM has a library of articles on various topics that are extremely informative for those in the textile care industry, while also providing another means of earning contact hours to maintain a CLLM or RLLD certification.

ALM members have access to Position Papers to learn of new developments in the textile care industry, while learning the facts, pros, and cons of these new ideas and techniques. ALM leadership and subject matter experts publish Position Papers to fill the gap when research and regulations are not able to keep up with changes in technology.

ALM Fact Sheets assemble the information from a variety of reliable, evidence-based resources on a frequently asked question or issue. These sheets are not opinions but a summary of citable references on the topic at hand.

On the ALM site, you will also find additional manuals, Ask The Expert, forums, and much more. If you have a question and you can't find the answer, contact us!