CLLM Review

CLLM Review sessions provide instructor-led training of the CLLM Program material. During this two and a half-day training program, gain insight to the course material to help prepare for the certification exam, tap into the knowledge and experience of seasoned industry veterans, and share ideas and solutions with others in your field.

Anyone who prefers face-to-face instruction rather than self-study. It is also an opportunity to earn certification in just 3 days, if you choose to take the test during the CLLM Review, rather than spending months studying on your own.

The current CLLM Review series covers the material in the CLLM Program manual, the Essential Guide to Laundry & Linen Management 8th Edition, distributed on or after April 20, 2017.

To participate in the CLLM Review, you must also enroll in the CLLM Program (if not currently enrolled), which requires an additional fee of $395 for ALM members or $515 for non-members. Enrollment in the CLLM Program provides a copy of the current CLLM book, "The Essential Guide to Laundry and Linen Management."

The fee for the CLLM Review is $120.

The fee for the CLLM Program is $395 for ALM members or $515 for non-members and includes the Essential Guide to Laundry & Linen Management, as well as the CLLM Exam. Full details are available under Certification, CLLM Program.

In the CLLM Review Dates and Locations section, you will find hotel information pertaining to each date. If you have any questions, please contact us.

October 14-15, 2018
Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter
Rochester, MN