LaundryMarks Participation Form

Please provide the requested information below, then allow 1-2 business days for your access to the LaundryMarks platform to be activated. Prior to activation, all individuals designated to receive access will be required to update their password to

Data Entry/Access Authorization

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Additional Designated Data Entry Managers

Please provide the names and email addresses of all additional individuals who will be entering or viewing LaundryMarks data on your behalf. Each of these individuals must change their ALM password prior to obtaining access.The sharing of login accounts is strictly prohibited. 

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Authorized Contact

By typing my name below, I confirming that I am authorized to enroll this laundry in the LaundryMarksTM platform, and that I am the individual responsible for granting and removing data entry access to our employees. I am also responsible for ensuring that passwords used to access the data (company and designated individuals) are managed appropriately.