ALM Networks

One of the greatest benefits of belonging to an association is the opportunity to share ideas and expertise, seek advice and opinions, and tap into the diverse experience from others who serve in similar roles.  ALM fosters this interaction through in-person training events, conferences, and local chapters. Additionally, ALM offers forums and "Ask the Experts" blogs, allowing members to post questions, share knowledge, and stay connected.

ALM Forums provide members opportunities to ask questions and engage with fellow members, who can share their experiences and suggestions for solutions. Members must log in to access this service. Forum FAQs are also available.

ALM's Ask the Experts allows ALM members to pose questions directly to experts in Safety and Infection Prevention. Members must log in to access this service.

ALM Affiliated Local Chapters are an optional addition to a national membership, and work in conjunction with ALM to provide outstanding networking, education opportunities, and development resources through chapter meetings, community outreach, conferences, and much more. Chapters supplement national membership by providing access to local/regional distributors, focus on local and state advocacy issues, and provide educational opportunities for supervisory and team leaders unable to travel to national meetings and events.

ALM Member Directories allow members to find partners and providers to strengthen their services and improve production. Members must log in to access this service.

ALM members can volunteer on various committees to earn contact hours and strengthen skills.