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Shane Woodson Term Ending for ALM Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 17, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Nicole Morris
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Richmond, Ky., June 17, 2020 — Shane Woodson, RLLD, will retire from the Association for Linen Management (ALM) Board of Directors at the end of June, when his term ends. Woodson served ALM as Board secretary since 2015, enjoying the efforts he made with ALM staff and fellow Board members as the association conquered hurdles over the years, solidifying the organization and affirming its value through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a team, we always focused on what is best for the industry and evolved to become the premier educator for textile processing and linen management professionals, always thinking ahead to what our healthcare and hospitality processors need today and into the future,” said Woodson. “I can say I have grown as an individual being a part of this team. Focusing on our association members’ needs and how we can help laundry processors everywhere, we constantly learn from each other, which assisted with the development of practices and programs that meet or exceed customer expectations.”

Woodson is excited about what the future brings, especially the textile care industry’s move back to reusable textiles to meet sustainability goals and reduce waste, while ensuring an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), which was severely impacted by the current pandemic. He will continue to serve ALM members in various duties in the coming years.

“I appreciate all our members’ confidence in voting me onto the Board and hope that I have somehow met their expectations in delivering a sustainable future for the industry,” said Woodson. “I will continue to support the ALM educational programs and can’t wait to see the data from the LaundryMarks platform, which will deliver real data for benchmarking, creating better outcomes that benefit us all.”

ALM Executive Director Linda Fairbanks is pleased Woodson will continue as part of ALM’s work groups.

“Shane has been invaluable to us, but we sadly can’t keep him in this role forever,” said Fairbanks. “I will personally miss working with him, but I know our membership has made a good choice in his successor.”

Nicole Grubich, RLLD, CLLM, will be the new ALM Board secretary. Grubich has been an ALM member for 18 years and is a leader in the industry, as well as within her region of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is the executive director of West Michigan Shared Hospital Laundry.

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