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ALM Provides Interim Guidance for Hotels Lodging Persons Potentially Exposed to COVID-19

Friday, April 3, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Nicole Morris
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Richmond, Ky., April 3, 2020 — As government and private sector leaders consider additional control measures to address the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, there is a distinct possibility that healthcare providers, emergency personnel, and other public service personnel will seek alternative lodging arrangements to self-isolate from their families, when not working. State and federal governments have considered the option of encouraging hotel management to make guest rooms available to meet this need.

To help hotel laundries that are not familiar with procedures for large quantities of possibly exposed textiles, the Association for Linen Management (ALM) has compiled interim guidance to assist the industry, addressing two major points:

  1. The management and laundering of bedding/sheeting and bathroom/terry products used in the care of COVID-19-exposed healthcare personnel (HCP) and other potentially exposed persons, as needed.
  2. Maintaining a safe workplace.

This guidance may be subject to updates when additional information becomes available and at no time should it supersede any state or local regulations that may be more stringent in regards to laundry and linen processing and handling.

Included with the guidance are printable signs and handouts for the hotels to post in their laundry area, a template for notifying guests of amended procedures at the hotel for textiles, and a link to a free online training from ALM about Universal Precautions for hotel staff.

The full guidance packet, as well as other COVID-19 textile information, is available on ALM’s COVID-19 Resources page, available at If any hotel has any questions of best practices for their situation, ALM welcomes their inquiries, regardless of their laundry size or current ALM membership status. If you know of a hotel that may be called on to assist in caring for healthcare staff or others exposed to COVID-19, please share this information with them. We are all in this together and we will get through it.


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