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A leading provider of hospitality textiles refuses to raise prices

Thursday, October 10, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Philadelphia, PA: The recent round of tariffs include a 15% increase on all microfiber garments and cleaning products including wholesale microfiber cloths, wholesale microfiber flat mops, and specialty items such as microfiber mitts and wands. This puts all hospitality suppliers and end users at a disadvantage as China manufactures over 95% of the world’s microfiber. While other countries could begin to manufacture microfiber, it would take many months and millions of dollars to build or retool, train, and to produce quality microfiber for the same price as Chinese microfiber cloths and mops.

Many companies have passed price increases through to suppliers who are left with a decision to either take the hit or pass through an increase to end users. With a complete line of hospitality and textiles bolstered by burgeoning retail and e-commerce divisions, Monarch Brands eliminates a daunting decision for industry distributors.

“Our business is built on long-term relationships. We understand tariffs to be a short-term tactic and are prepared to hold the line while finding a work-around for the long-term benefit of our customers”
– Hal Kanefsky. President, Monarch Brands.

About Monarch Brands: With roots established in 1947, Monarch Brands delivers high quality and value-priced textiles from manufacturers around the world. By leveraging deep sourcing relationships and purchasing power, Monarch Brands works with distributors to design hospitality programs that work for each client.

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