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Braun Announces New Batch Tunnel Washer Press

Sunday, June 30, 2019   (0 Comments)
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June, 2019 – SYRACUSE, NY: Braun has announced the availability of their new SmoothFlow® Batch Tunnel Washer Press!

Like all Braun equipment solutions, the new press has been engineered with the focus on performance, reliability and safety.

Some of the new features include:

  • Waterless Membrane – reduces the impact of punctures and cuts
  • White Membrane – with molded clamp ring significantly reduces downtime for unplanned membrane change out
  • Floating press head in a non-linear fashion for even membrane wear
  • Inverter Drive Electric Belt
  • High Pressure – up to 50 Bar Adjustable

Water Collection Tanks

  • 100% Water Reuse
  • Moats are external to the press guards, giving maintenance technicians easier access to pumps, belt, and tensioners
  • Large steps give the operators safe, non-slip areas to interact with the press
  • The design directs all water being pressed from the goods into the water collection tanks, eliminating splashes and sprays

Door and Guarding Design

  • Enhances visibility inside of the press
  • Easily removable for maintenance

Split Panel Control Box

  • The split panel control box is an exceptional safety feature which separates the high voltage components from the low voltage. (Arc Flash compliant)


  • Exclusive Parker Hannifin hydraulics three-year leak-free warranty! (G.P.P.)
  • New design allows for longer time at high pressure during cycle
  • Hydraulic pump motors are inverter driven – more energy efficient, less cooling water and electricity used

For more information, visit Braun at or call (800) 432-7286.

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