Programs for Laundry Processors
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ALM provides some of the most comprehensive training in the industry for laundry processing professionals.  Our training menu includes programming specific to Directors and General Managers, Managers and Wash Floor technicians.  The subject matter ranges from production efficiency, chemistry in the wash process, equipment selection and maintenance, and  safety.   ALM's training programs provide skills and knowledge needed to improve overall performance, solve problems and maximize efficiencies. 

Training for General Managers/Directors

American Laundry and Linen College

The American Laundry & Linen College (ALLC) is the premiere resource for laundry training and education. For over thirty years, the College has provided training in laundry processing and linen distribution and utilization for individuals in the U.S. and  abroad. This program is recognized nationally for developing skilled, informed and accomplished laundry professionals.

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Training for Managers

Certified Laundry and Linen Manager

The CLLM certification is an ideal introductory program to laundry processing and linen distribution. This is an excellent tool for managerial personnel entering the laundry industry, including textile care sales professionals. Viewed as a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting laundry operations, this program is recognized in the industry as the minimal educational requirement for many government contracts.

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Training for Wash Floor Technicians

Certified Washroom Technician (CWT) - an introduction to wash processing

This is an ideal program for front-line laundry employees. This basic laundry processing guide provides laundry processing personnel with details about the wash process and the relationship between the role of washfloor personnel and product outcomes. The CWT is an excellent tool for identifying individuals with the capacity to serve as lead personnel.

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Training Topics
 Hospitality  Laundry Processing
 Infection Control
 Laundry Chemistry
 Laundry Equipment                         
Laundry Processing Resources

 Laundry Operations Guidelines

There are many influences in a laundry that can and will affect the cost and quality of service/products.  This book addresses fifteen elements that impact cost, space, equipment and services.  An introduction to the metrics that guide the laundry professional toward achieving an efficient and cost-effective operation.

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Test Piece Monitoring

Having problems getting your "whites" white? Find out why by using the Association for Linen Management’s (ALM) Test Piece Service. If your whites are a little gray or your fabric is showing stress, we can help you determine why with our test piece service. We offer 5-wash and 20-wash test pieces which can help you improve your plant's linen processing. You can improve your linen's appearance and "life span" by making sure your laundry is processing the linens correctly.


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