The Laundry Process
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Effective Laundry Practice

Training, appropriate to the role, is essential across all aspects of the laundry operation.  What purpose will it serve if management is aware of proper processing techniques yet the technician responsible for that role doesn't understand the importance of proper techniques?  Ultimately short cuts will be taken and quality will suffer.

ALM offers training programs and materials specific to each area of responsibility. 

Laundry General Manager and Director Program Classroom/in-person programs

ALM's premiere in-person/classroom program provides instruction on energy management, equipment and design efficiencies, production, recycling, disaster planning/management, chemistry and safety.  Faculty include industry professionals in current practice and technical experts. 

Attendance in this 40 hour program is an excellence preparatory resource for the GM/Director level certification program, the Registered Laundry and Linen Director (RLLD). 

Laundry Supervisor and Manager Program Correspondence Program

The Certified Laundry and Linen Management (CLLM) program addresses the key components and responsibilities of the working laundry manager.  This correspondence program is widely used by industry sales professionals by providing a comprehensive overview of the role.

Certified Washroom Technician Program Correspondence Course

Designed for the front-line wash floor technician, this correspondence program provides insight to the importance of adhering to the prescribed wash process and the role the technician plays in the production of hygienically clean textiles.

Certified Linen Technician Program Correspondence Course

The CLT is an excellent program for individuals responsible for linen distribution in a healthcare facility. This material provides insight into development of par levels, nuances of linen utilization, detailed steps to completing a linen inventory and the pros and cons of linen distribution systems.

Laundry Operations Guidelines Book or CD

There are many influences in a laundry that can and will affect the cost and quality of service/products.  This book addresses fifteen elements that impact cost, space, equipment and services.  An introduction to the metrics that guide the laundry professional toward achieving an efficient and cost-effective operation.