Healthcare Resources for Textile Services
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Healthcare Laundry Practice

Linen touches every patient in the healthcare setting, in-patient, surgical, out-patient, and emergency room care.  While the incidents of textiles resulting in a negative impact on healthcare outcomes is very low, it is essential that standards of practice and regulatory guidance is followed.

The guidelines directing healthcare linen are very fragmented and fall under the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), state hospital licensure, and infection control measures and recommendations from the CDC and other organizations.

When the majority of healthcare laundries were operated from within the hospital, these regulations were applied by the public health regulatory authorities.  With the increased outsourcing of hospital services CMS placed the responsibility for that oversight on the hospital.

The Guide for Assessing Healthcare Laundry Quality

The Guide is a compendium of healthcare guidance applicable to textiles and has been designed for individuals unfamiliar with the technical aspects of processing laundry.  This publication is an excellent tool for use when working with infection preventionist and in the development of laundry policies and procedures.

Researching Healthcare Laundry Practice

Our rapidly changing healthcare environment presents challenges for many when assessing the guidance, recommendations and statue statutes on a particular subject.  ALM members have a reliable resource for vetting the applicable guidance providing them with a recap of the cited research.  Member access to research results can be accessed here.