Certification & Certificate Programs


Certified Linen Technician (CLT)

The CLT provides individuals responsible for linen distribution in a healthcare facility with insight into development of par levels, nuances of linen utilization, detailed steps to completing a linen inventory and the pros and cons of linen distribution systems.

Enrollment fees:  $75 ALM members, $110 Non-ALM members

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Certified Laundry and Linen Manager (CLLM)

The CLLM correspondence program is an ideal introductory program to laundry processing and linen distribution. This is an excellent tool for managerial personnel entering the laundry industry, including textile care sales professionals. Viewed as a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting laundry operations, this program is recognized in the industry as the minimal educational requirement for many government contracts.

The material addresses Laundry Management & Leadership; The Basics of Textiles; Laundry Equipment; Laundry Production; Linen Management; Chemistry; Infection Control; and Laundry Guidelines and Safety Regulations.

Enrollment fees:  $375 ALM members, $495 Non-ALM members

Related Fees:  Shipping (est $20 US, $30 Canada, $60 international)

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Certified Washroom Technician (CWT)

Front-line laundry employees benefit from this program by learning the details about the wash process and the relationship between their role and product outcomes. The CWT is an excellent tool for identifying individuals with the capacity to serve as lead personnel.

 "Having our wash floor leads take the Certified Washroom Technician (CLT) course has helped them feel they are an important contributor to the future of Shared Hospital Services"

 --Charles Berge, President/General Manager, Shared Hospital Services

Enrollment fees:  $75 ALM members, $110 Non-ALM members


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RLLD Certification

The Registered Laundry and Linen Director (RLLD) certification identifies the industries’ most distinguished professionals who have proven expertise in directing highly efficient, safe and quality driven textile care services operations. 

Companies who employ RLLDs stand out to their current and prospective customers, administrators, boards, vendors, and peers as being more credible, capable and professional.  They benefit from the leadership and knowledge that the credentialed manager brings to ensure their operations are optimized.

What is this essential knowledge that sets a Registered Laundry and Linen Director apart?

  •  Keen understanding of tracking, benchmarking and improving productivity, utilization, and cost management

  • Awareness of and the ability to interpret regulatory guidance and accepted industry standards covering infection prevention, safety, bloodborne pathogens and processing.

  •  Astute decision making on purchasing equipment, textiles, chemicals, and supplies.

  • 360° perspective on processing quality textiles and providing quality textile services.

The RLLD certification is attained through successful completion of an examination that validates essential knowledge and is maintained through continuing education.  A high school degree is required to register for the certification examination.  Certification candidates are encouraged to attend ALM’s Laundry & Linen College Textile Care Services session and Processing & Operations sessions prior to sitting for the examination, however, this training is optional.


RLLD Program administration fees are $200 for ALM members and $395 for non-members.

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Ready to take your Examination?

You've studied hard and now you are ready to earn the bragging rights. Schedule your examination and make it official. Here's what you need to know:

  • CWT, CLT and CLLM examinations are offered as online examinations and may be proctored by someone at your place of employment.  We suggest your proctor be someone from outside your department such as a member of the human resources, finance or training department.
  • If a written CLLM examination is required, you must utilize an external testing center and cover all applicable fees.
  • RLLD examinations must be administered through an external testing center.  The certification candidate is responsible for applicable fees charged by the testing center.
  • A minimum score of 70% or greater is required for successful completion.
  • CLLM, CWT and CLT candidates are allowed up to three attempts for successful completion at no additional charge.
  • RLLD examination fees apply for each test attempt.

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