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General Sessions


Monday, February 29:  A Conversation Among Leaders

Listen in while some of the industries’ top leaders have a casual conversation about the current and future state of our industry.  Hear their projections, feel their challenges and join their excitement over what could, what should and what won’t happen as technology, automation, consolidation, and opportunities emerge.



Mike Dineen
Pellerin Milnor Corporation
 Ed McCauley
United Hospital Services

Rocco Romeo
Ottawa Regional Hospital
Linen Services



Tuesday, March 1: Laundry Effectiveness in Infection Control Perspective by Lynne Sehulster PhD, M(ASCP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


 Dr. Lynne Sehulster presents her 16-page evidence based research on contemporary infection
issues for healthcare laundry and textiles.




Wednesday, March 2: Get MORE PAINT out of the tube!, Joe Castillo

Running on empty?  Are your creative juices bone dry leaving your team running on empty?

Revitalize your team for success. Identify and understand how to squeeze more strength out of each day. Learn Four deep wells of motivational energy to help your team start over, banish discouragement and accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

Breakout Sessions


Analyzing and Avoiding Mistakes in Complying with OSHA Guidelines

Does an unannounced inspection make your anxiety level soar?  Be at the ready by understanding what other laundries have experienced when OSHA came knocking.  Correct common mistakes and develop your inspection action plan.

Presented by Barry Spurlock,JD, CSP, Eastern Kentucky University

Best Practices for Linen Room Management

Dig deep into linen utilization and linen distribution during this extended session.  Build support in the administrative and nursing staff by engaging their involvement in decision making and process improvement.

Presented by:  Dan Sanchez and Chuck Rossmiller

Build, Rebuild or Outsource

Don’t let growing pains get you down.  Choose the best option for your plant:  build, rebuild, or outsource.  Visits the pros and cons and dos and don’ts to make the best decision with a realistic goal and successful outcome.

Presented by:  David Bernstein

Converting Your Linen Service into Your Linen Business

How to cost, market and provide linen service outside of your current in house customers. What do you need to know, what critical decisions do you need to make, how to decide what services you can provide or should provide

Presented by: Bob Corfield

He Said Reusable, She Said Disposable

Hear from team disposable and team reusable to develop the best possible argument when faced with a facility that wants to transition to disposables.
Presented By:  Gabriel Boardman

Hidden Efficiencies:  You Can Do More With Less

Using production standards can increase labor productivity and impact employee morale in a positive manner.  Track and cut duplicated steps, create SOPs and reward good work to find opportunities to reduce wasted labor.

 Presented by: Rich Bott

Implement a Preemptive Strike on Emerging Pathogens

Know what pathogens may be headed your way and have your arsenal of oxidation processes ready to minimize linen as a vector for infection.

Presented by: Angela Becker

Issues and Answers Discussion Groups

The challenges and issues you face have most likely been tried and conquered by one or more of your peers.  Connect with your kindred spirits and discuss common ground and creative solutions.  Discussion Groups will be available for:  Hospitality; Long Term Care; Corrections; and Healthcare Facilities *others can be formed on request

Meeting Data Driven Metrics

What happen when your data doesn’t live up to that of your peers?  Discuss strategies to improve your performance and meet the metrics that are expected of you.

Presented by: Jon Witschy

Science Stands the Test of Time

Dig into the science behind tunnels and conventional washers and the interrelationship between elements in the wash process.

Presented by:  Jim Corrigan

The Shrinking Labor Force

In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to fill technician jobs in laundries.  What can we expect moving forward?  What can be done about it?  Step up your employee recruitment game and identify talent for your team.

Presented by: Jennifer Poage

Speak to Authority with Authority

Gain support and influence decisions on linen issue before they occur by having an open line of communication with upper management.  Prepare your case with facts, propose your solution, and provoke action to support your needs.

Presented by:  Cindy Molko, CLLM, RLLD

Squash the Rewash

Lower your rewash and reduce your costs by targeting 10 keys in processing and finishing that impact the quality of textiles that leave your plant.

 Presented by:  Ty Acton

You Can't Trust What You Can't Track

Analyze linen tracking options, methods and automation.  Should you be tracking by quantity over weight? Is hand tracking adequate, or is using software in your best interest?  Weigh the pros and cons of these options and explore automation upgrades such as bar coding and RFID.

Presented by: Bruce Bettis


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