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Click to see full sizeTingue Feed Board Guide Rakes Stop Belts from Overlapping

New feed board guide rakes for flatwork ironers and folders from laundry product supplier Tingue ( provide the ideal configuration needed to keep feed belts securely in place and properly aligned during long-term, 24/7 operation without overlapping each other. Virtually eliminating the potential for linen jams due to belt misalignment, the new rakes reduce go-backs and downtime for maintenance while also preventing premature belt failure.


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Click to see full sizeTingue Unveils Drain Valves for Continuous Batch Washers

The line of drain valves comprises seven models, each offered in a variety of configurations with a choice of options to suit the washer machine model such as the inlet and outlet port sizes, motor voltage and cycles, and housing color.

Click to see full sizeContinental unveils 80-pound cap. soft-mount E-Series Washer

The E-Series line now touts 20-, 30-, 40-, 60-, 80-, 90-, 130- and 255-pound capacity models, all of which bring highly programmable controls, superior efficiency, up to 400 G-force extract and unrivaled production per linear foot.

Click to see full sizeLeonard Automatics Cart Washer Now Powered by EPA-Approved Viking Pure System

This system protects against and kills in seconds all known bacteria, viruses, fungus, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs!

Thermopatch Announces Production Release of Improved HiQ Thermal Label

Thermopatch is excited to announce the production launch of their improved HiQ TC thermal label which will be replacing their existing HiQ TT material. The improved TC HiQ product, boasts an increase on pull strength and improved scan-ability on high dye content materials.

Click to see full sizeBraun Awarded Another Safety Related Patent!

G. A. Braun was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for its Industrial Washer Door Locking Mechanism and System that is used on its Advantage Tilting Side Loader® Washer/Extractor.


Click to see full sizeBraun Announces New Multipurpose Precision Series® Spreader/Feeder

Braun’s new Precision Series® Spreader/Feeder serves a wide variety of flatwork laundry processing needs from hospitality, healthcare, commercial linen providers, and general industrial laundries.