IMPACT Lunch and Learn


 Eat. Learn. Earn.


Feast on an exquisite lunch while hearing four mini-presentations during the Lunch and Learn.  ALM partners will present the following topics:


  Centurion Soil Linen Collection with Plastivac
Presented by Don Peddar

Healthcare Solutions and Disinfection
Presented by: 

Where the Industry is Going- Industry Perspective
Presented by Norbert Gittard
   Best Practices for Flatwork Ironer Operation and Maintenance
Presented by David Bernstein

 Alternative Disinfectants:  Fact vs. Fiction
Presented by Andrew Rupnow and Andy Feldman

 The Hows and Whys of Tracking Your Linen
Presented by Bruce Bettis

Generate Big Time Savings with Real Time Production Monitoring
Presented by Jon Witschy

Saving Money and Increasing Productivity by Optimizing Dryer Efficiency
Presented by Michael Reilly and Ryan Freudenberg