Linen Management Resources
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"Management is, above all,
a practice where art, science, and craft meet."
 Henry Mintzberg
 McGill University

Linen Management

Linen Management has followed a very similar path to that of healthcare laundry processing, it is a service that is  increasingly moving to contracted management. How textiles are distributed and utilized in a healthcare facility can have a significant fiscal impact, however if managed effectively can be fiscally responsible and while providing quality products.


Linen Utilization

Processing textiles is often reflected in a budget  as "cents per pound".  At first glance this may seem like an insignificant amount, yet when multiplied by the millions of pounds processed annually, improper use can quickly turn into a significant loss.  The art of providing the right product, to the proper location, at the proper time is essential.


The Certified Linen Technician Guide Correspondence Program

This publication is an excellent tool for grasping the basics of linen management.  Understanding the true cost of processing the textile, distribution, and acquisition cost.  Discussions include the Pros & Cons of the different distribution systems.


Effective Textile Care Management - coming soon!

This comprehensive publication tackles the issues that often derail linen management.  This book looks at how to reduce linen loss and abuse, inventories, data management to track usage, models to improve linen utilization, and the metrics to guide improvements.  This long awaited book is due out summer of 2014.