ALM's Laundry And Linen College



Laundry Processing and Operations:  October 17-21, 2016

Textile Care Services:  May 1-5, 2017

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ALM’s Laundry and Linen College is the most comprehensive training program in the industry for textile care services professionals.  Though it may sound too good to be true that ALL essential industry training for directing operations of a laundry or textile services department could be found through one program,  take a look at the curriculum (link to course descriptions) and see for yourself.   Participants typically include a mix of those new to director level positons, seeking promotions, industry veterans and vendors looking to round out their base of knowledge.

The college is comprised of two focused sessions.  In the fall, classes are on processing and operations starting with equipment, safety, and maintenance, and rounded out with chemistry in the wash process, energy management, productivity and performance metrics and overall laundry management (disaster recovery, transportation, business development).  In the spring, classes in textile care services are offered and include textile basics, textile selection, linen distribution, linen management and par levels, linen replacement budgeting, packrooms, infection prevention and QAPI.

Participants leave the laundry and linen college inspired, motivated, and filled with ideas and new approaches to impact their operations.

Who Attends the College

The Laundry and Linen College is ideal for:

  • Individuals desiring to perform at higher level
  • Individuals seeking advancement opportunities
  • Candidates for the RLLD certification
  • Individuals new to laundry processing or linen distribution
  • New textile care services sales personnel
  • Environmental Services Personnel with laundry oversight responsibilities
  • Materials management personnel with linen management responsibilities

Laundry Processing and Operations - Fall Session

Fall Classes include:

Equipment Selection and Bid | General Laundry Safety | Chemistry in the Wash Process
Preventative Maintenance | Energy Management |Productivity and Performance Measures
Laundry Management

Textile Care Services - Spring Session

Spring classes include:


QAPI |Infection Control | Textile Basics| Textile Selection and Bid
Bloodborne Pathogens | Linen Management and Utilization | Linen Distribution Linen Benchmarking and Replacement Budgeting |  | Packrooms.



Hotel Information

The Holiday Inn Express offers students a special rate of $99 (plus applicable taxes).

The Holiday Inn Express is located at
1990 Colby Taylor Drive
Richmond, Kentucky. 

To make reservations, call 800.465.4329 or 859.624.4055 and indicate that you would like to stay in the ALM block.


ALM Scholarship Program

Through the generosity of ALM's Allied Trade Members and Chapters, laundry and linen professionals are eligible to apply to earn a scholarship to cover tuition to the  Laundry & Linen College. The tuition cost for one term of the school, $950, is covered in full by each awarded scholarship.  Recipients are responsible for transportation, meals, and lodging.

 Apply for a scholarship using this online application or a printed form.

RLLD Certification

The  Laundry and Linen College is an excellent way to prepare for the RLLD certification exam.  It is highly recommended that RLLD candidates attend two terms of the college, prior to taking the examination. RLLD certification candidates can schedule the examination at any time during the year. The exam must be administered through an ALM approved testing facility.  

The RLLD certification exam is no longer be administered during the college. To schedule an RLLD examination, contact Christina Horsley, Professional Development Manager. The examination fee is $200 for members and $395 for non-members. Testing candidates will be responsible for the fee charged by the testing facility.