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 Operating a quality efficient operation requires that training is provided throughout the operation, not just to management personnel. ALM's Webinar Training Series provides training programs specific to all aspects of operations and are priced to be an efficient means for providing education to your entire team.

  • One low cost regardless of the number of attendees present
  • Contact hours and proof of attendance provided for all attendees
  • Format encourages discussion at your location increasing learning opportunities

Provide training for all management and supervisory staff to ensure they are in the know about recommended practices and equipped with the knowledge to maintain quality, efficient and effective operations.
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1 Session:   $49.95 Members/$75 Non Members
3 Sessions: $125 Members/$188 Non Members
6 Sessions: $249 Members/$375 Non Members
Full Series:  $375 Members/$563 Non Members


How Uniform Programs Affect Patient Satisfaction Scores and Outcomes

February 17, 2016


US Healthcare facilities are moving towards color-coded scrub and uniform programs to help patients, visitors and staff distinguish between caregivers and other healthcare workers.  These programs are also intended to contribute to hospital branding efforts and promote a more professional environment.  Do these standardized uniform programs have an impact on patient satisfaction scores or clinical outcomes?  Learn about the philosophies, preferences and data driving this trend from a nursing, patient, physician and administration perspective. 

 Presented by: Janice Larson


Improving Wash Outcomes through Enzyme Use

March 23, 2016


Every laundry manager wants to minimize rewash, lower energy costs and maximize textile lifetime. Utilizing enzymes in place of other chemicals can help you do just that. Join this webinar to learn how.

Presented by: Domenic Paone


Key Performance Indicators in Utility Management

April 14, 2016


If utility usage is not properly monitored, an equipment problem or leak in your laundry could send thousands of dollars down the drain.  Learn the key performance indicators you should be monitoring and discuss what measures you can take to reduce consumption.

Presented by: David Bernstein


Reject Linen:  When to Reclaim/When to Discard

May 26,  2016


95% of the linen you process meets the quality standards you set.  What do you do with the other 5%?  Develop a plan for stain removal, repair, rewash and repurpose or discard that works within your available resources including staff time and budget.

Presented by:  Kurt Schultz


Are Temp Nurses Hijacking Your Linen Utilization

June 30, 2016


Rapid turnover by clinicians can create a challenge for linen utilization education. Hear strategies for delivering your linen utilization message and impacting practices taken by even the newest personnel.

Presented by: Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ Medline Industries Inc.


Thinking Outside The Box:  Saving Time, Money and Labor

August 18, 2016


Is managing your operating budget as puzzling as a Rubik's Cube? When you're asked to do more with less, but you've been there done that...it is time to get creative. Uncover other hidden opportunities across the plant  to tighten up the ship a little more. 

Presented by: Chip Malboeuf


Do's and Don'ts of Sterile Room Processing

September 22, 2016


Thinking of developing a Packroom?  Explore the dos and don’ts of facility design and equipment, textile selection, barrier protection and testing, folding, sterilization, staffing and more.

Presented by: Gerard O'Neill


Converting from Disposable to Reusable Textiles

October 27, 2016


Cost.  Infection Prevention.  Environment.  Comfort.  Four important factors that play into the decision between disposable and reusable textiles.  Put infection prevention concerns at ease and make a case for lowering cost, being greener and providing a better, more comfortable product.  Arm yourself with facts to make the case, then develop a plan for transition during this one-hour webinar.

Presenter: Angie O'Connor, RN, BS, Encompass Group


Linen Management Software Systems

November 17, 2016


Find and fix inefficiencies in your linen management program through automated solutions that help you track inventory, manage par levels and monitor usage.  Manual tracking can work, but is it a good use of your valuable time?  Data drives results and the reporting and tracking tools in a software solution will give you greater access to the information you need to analyze where to make improvements in your operations and provide excellent service quality.

Presented by: Barb Williams