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ALM Announces New Board Members

ALM President Cindy Molko, CLLM, RLLD announces the appointment of three industry professionals to the ALM Board of Directors.  James Mangini, RLLD, Director of Linen Services for Maine Medical Center Linen Services has been appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sr. Vice President vacated by Molko following her election by the membership as ALM president.

Molko has also appointed two new directors, Janice Larson, CLLM, Vice-President of Clinical Resources & Consulting, Encompass Group, LLC and Kathy Harris, CLLM, RLLD, Laundry Manager at Sea Island Laundry - both serving on the board through June 2018.   full story


  Sr. VP Mangini     Director Larson   Director Harris

Protecting Healthcare Textiles

It’s not enough to produce quality clean textiles – of equal concern are the steps taken to ensure the hygienic integrity of the textile products until they are placed in use.  While the regulations/laws related to this practice are few we want to remind healthcare laundry processors, delivery personnel, and healthcare providers that we all play a role in this process. 

The Association for Linen Management is currently undertaking a thorough analysis of the healthcare linen handling process from the laundry to the patient bedside in an effort to produce evidence based guidelines for safe and efficient practice.  Until such work is complete we urge decision-makers to continue to follow the guidance and standards that have maintained safe practice to date – a summary of those recommendations is provided here.  To keep apprised of ALM’s progress on this project become a member and support this and other valuable work!


Zygomycosis Outbreak in Hong Kong

The incidence of healthcare textiles as a vector for illness are fortunately few. Many will recall the 2008 incident in New Orleans and the role textiles played in the spread of Zygomycosis.  In July 2015 reports from Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong indicated they too were faced with concerns of Zygomycosis and the role of textiles. Read the summary of the investigational report on that incident.  Download the checklist for assessing your healthcare laundry provider.

Getting the Lead out

Contaminated water issues in Flint, Michigan have brought questions of concern regarding textile processing and the impact of lead on textiles.  Read here for the latest Q & A addressing these questions.


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