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SHEA releases commentary on Laundry Infection Prevention

Lynne M. Sehulster, PhD, M(ASCP) with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention had authored a commentary on contemporary infection prevention issues for healthcare laundry and textiles.  ALM has obtained an early release of the full document that can be accessed through July 17, 2015.

The 16-page evidence-based research addresses current issues and questions for healthcare professionals regarding the effectiveness of laundry services and textiles.

  • The importance of clean linen storage in the healthcare facility
  • Transportation of linen from off-site laundry to the healthcare facility
  • Home laundering of uniforms/hospital scrubs
  • Microbiological testing of textiles
  • Antimicrobial textiles
  • Healthcare facilities role in oversight of contracted laundry services
  • Chemical selection
  • The critical role of the wash process; how adjustments impact textile outcomes

Read a summary of the key points here.

Link to the full SHEA article (only available for download through July 17th)

Link to the ALM Laundry Assessment Checklist

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